Here for the facts?


I live and work in Berlin. This strange, but very beautiful profession has been with me since 2005.

I graduated at FU Berlin with a Master of Arts in linguistics, sociology and cultural anthropology. By the way, grammar and shamanism are surprisingly good party topics.

I am absolutely positive that language is a key factor in brand identity. And that's exactly what I love doing - using words to carry the story and message of a brand across all channels. So it doesn't actually matter to me whether I'm writing a headline or a video script or developing UX copy for apps: I'm always about creating a consistent tonality. As far as text is concerned, I am pretty much confident in many areas. That's why I am most excited about integrated projects. WeShare is a nice example and my favorite project lately.

Ok, so: 


I'm a copywriter and creative director and not afraid of a pitch or two. I love working on Brand Tonalities, Digital Content & Concepts, UX Writing and every incarnation of Copywriting. Before I ran off to go freelance, I’ve been employed at Jung von Matt/Spree, DDB Berlin and Scholz & Friends.

I mostly write in german, but I'm used to working in international teams.
Please don’t call me if you’re a flaming racist or constantly yell at people. 

Otherwise, here's my number: 0177 . 49 717 82



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+49 (0) 177 4971782


+49 (0) 177 4971782


+49 (0) 177 4971782



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